Below is our handy guide to help you get the most of your time on the MAP dyno.


Arrange Your Dyno Appointment


So you have scheduled a session on the dyno, maybe to get a base-line number before installing your next set of mods. Or maybe you need to get a solid tune before your next race or track day. Whatever the reason, showing up to the shop without the right preparation can be an expensive  and wasteful mistake to make.

  • FLUIDS (Inside) – While being on the dyno can be stressful for your vehicle, we do everything we can to keep your vehicle happy with adequate, clean airflow. However, most vehicles will see higher loads, and for longer periods than they would ever experience out on the street. With this in mind, making sure your fluids are topped up is the most important step to a successful session on the dyno. While it is simple enough to check oil and coolant levels, it is often overlooked. Also, it is not a bad idea to have an oil change completed on the vehicle beforehand to add that extra peace of mind. Here at Motorsport And Performance, we’re more than happy to supply and service your vehicle with top of the line products from Millers Oils, including the same Nanodrive Synthetics we run in our race car.

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  • FLUIDS (Outside) – Although one might think this would go without saying, fluid spills in the dyno area can be more than just hazardous. Combining even a slight oil leak with a hot exhaust can quickly become a fire danger. Always check fuel and oil lines, especially if aftermarket fuel pump or oil filter relocation kits/coolers are installed, as over time, these lines can sometimes work themselves loose from vibration. In addition to checking connections for tightness, look for places where hoses may be rubbing against other components, or may be routed too close to high temp or moving parts, as these can quickly become nightmares if a line ruptures while an engine is at full chat!
  • FUEL So important that it deserves its own spot on our list. If you are using standard ‘pump’ fuel, plan to fill up before arrival to save time. There is a Texaco less than 60-seconds away, with Tesco MOMENTUM99 and Shell V-Power available within 10-minutes drive. If you know your car is particularly thirsty, we strongly advise bringing additional fuel. If you are in need of Race Fuel or E85, we can supply Sunoco Race Fuels at our premises by arrangement. If we are required to supply additional pump fuel for you, we may apply a surcharge at our discretion.

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  • MECHANICAL – The condition of your car is very important to our technicians, as it is to you. You wouldn’t take a vehicle with a faulty fuel pump, or an ignition misfire to a track day, and the dyno is no different. While the dyno is very useful for fault-finding a malfunction, you should not plan on making power runs with known faults; additionally, your results may not accurately reflect the true performance of your vehicle.
  • SUSPENSION/WHEELS – Consider if you regularly scrape your bumper or lip spoiler pulling in and out of parking lots. If this is you, you might want to consider raising your coil-overs for a trip to the dyno. The more difficult the vehicle is to get a jack under, the more time is spent by our technician getting you hooked up to the dyno, instead of that time being spent the way we intended. Secondly, DON’T FORGET YOUR WHEEL LOCKS! We have a small variety, but if we’re unable to get your wheel nuts/bolts loose, then we’re stuck just spinning tyres.
Arrange Your Dyno Appointment