axle-hub_dynamometersNow that we have our own dynamometer equipment in-house, we are able to offer the comprehensive tuning solution that you seek; in order to gain the most from the modifications made to your vehicle. Our in-house DYNOmite dynamometer, by Land & Sea, Inc. is capable of handling any 2WD car up to 1000 horsepower.

We will be upgrading shortly to a full 4WD setup with AC-motoring capabilities, which will allow us to tune all vehicles up to 2000 horsepower, and even allow advanced race simulation, and modifications to active stability control systems in vehicles such as the R35 GT-R and others.

A hub-mounted dyno gains quite a number of advantages over a more traditional ‘roller’ style chassis dyno, and gives the operator the most control, greatest accuracy and repeatability, as well as the least wear on your vehicle and tyres.

‘Roller-style’ Dyno Hub-mount Dyno
·      Tyres in contact with the rollers allow for slippage at higher horsepower levels

·      Moving rollers present a high-level hazard to technicians and customers being around the vehicle during dyno operation

·      Variations in tyre pressure, strap configuration and tension, and vehicle placement on rollers allow decreased accuracy, repeatability & comparability (day v. day, car v. car)

·      Dyno bolted securely to vehicle, allowing zero slippage

·      No exposed moving parts provide greater safety for all personnel near the vehicle

·      Greatest levels of accuracy and repeatability are offered, providing a clear pattern over time to show gains made through further modifications, expose faults in a vehicle before major catastrophe, or leveling the playing field for dyno shootout days


Only a short search on the internet for ‘Dyno fails’ will show you a variety of issues that can occur with roller-style units, from poorly strapped cars coming loose, blown tyres (usually caused by overheating from excessively tight straps in an attempt to prevent tyre slippage), strap breakage, to personal injury when a misplaced foot lands on a roller moving at speeds up to and beyond 150mph!

Additionally, our system is kitted-out to monitor additional inputs that can be displayed alongside your results on your printout, such as Exhaust Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR), as well as oil, fuel, or manifold/boost pressure, if your vehicle is compatible with our equipment.

Your figures can be displayed in any variety of units of measure, from the standard Horsepower & Lb-Ft, or kW & Nm, and graphs can be displayed as HP-Tq/RPM or HP-Tq/Road Speed.

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